Dealers and Designers

Thank you for your interest in the Heritage Game Mounts Dealer Partnership Program (DPP)‡. By participating in this program, you are eligible to purchase Heritage Game Mounts products at a wholesale discount for resale at your brick-and-mortar location or online store.

A Heritage Game Mount product makes for a beautiful display in your storefront, model home, office, or design studio, and offers an elegant alternative to the lead-time, expense and space requirement of a traditional shoulder mount.

We are currently seeking partnership‡ opportunities with both physical and e-commerce retail storefronts.


You gain access to one-of-a-kind finished game mounts, wall-hang ready, and perfect to decorate the walls of a country cabin, rustic fireplace, or hunt room. Use your clients antlers or don’t have anything to mount? Not a problem! Heritage Game Mounts will locate a mount or shed horns for you or, alternatively, our products can be used as an elegant decorative backing for other items (wall sconces, for example.)  Ask about our other finishes.


Our products offer your clients the opportunity to mount their prize trophy or rare exotic on a distinctive mount board that fits their  hunting or safari lifestyle.   Offer your clients an alternative to the expense, lead time and space requirements of a shoulder mount.  You and your clients will benefit from the fast turn-around time, gorgeous one-of-a-kind design and easy mounting system.  Can be used without the cover for small neck mounts, european mounts or skull plates.


For More Information, Contact:

Rita Schimpff
(210) 822-7224