Elegant Antler Display, Sporting Art & Accessories

  • the Monogram Covered Legacy by Heritage Game Mounts.
  • vintage roe deer in gilt frame
  • Patina- Sun bleached mule deer antlers on Legacy by Heritage Game Mounts
  • Roe Deer on tartan
  • Family tartan on Legacy in Blackberry finish
  • Tartan Roe Deer on Legacy Panel by Heritage Game Mounts.
  • gold leaf & hand painted mono white tail by Heritage Game Mounts

Rita Schimpff is a Texas artist who created Heritage Game Mounts in 2010 to provide elegant Old World inspired panels to display domestic and exotic game antler & horns.

I offer designers, home makers, taxidermists, and hunters an elegant hand- crafted product that brings the beauty of nature inside while bringing balance to the shared hunter/non hunter home. Each design is a work of art, created & drawn by me.

Heritage Game Mounts creation

Then my prototype is carved in walnut by a master craftsman.

Each piece is individually hand cast and hand finished here in the USA to bring extraordinary new life to your mounts or from our vintage selection.

Designed by a hunter for a hunter.
Family Room, Board Room or Hunt Room!

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