Two beloved family heirlooms were the inspiration for Heritage Game Mounts. My grandfather had his antlers mounted in antique metal displays that hung in his study at our country place, where I spent many wonderful years growing up.


My second inspiration came from a beautiful antique German Charivari that has been handed down in my husband’s family for several generations. It is adorned with tiny intricate sterling oak leaves and acorns holding deer teeth. This antique was worn in front of lederhosen as a valuable symbol of a successful hunt.


I have been fortunate to inherit generations of family sporting collectibles, from bamboo fly rods & reels to custom firearms that I still use. These items represent a tangible connection to my family and nature and never cease to inspire my designs and art.


I realized there might be other hunters who would like to have an elegant way to honor their take and pass on the beauty of our hunting heritage. I looked at my grandfather’s vintage mounts and said I can improve on that, and I have. Family, tradition and our sporting heritage are important to me.

“What could be more beautiful than what nature affords us? My products simply enhance nature.”

– Rita Schimpff

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