Governor’s Vintage Bronze Stand


Governor’s Vintage Bronze Stand

For European Mounts 

A beautiful and elegant way to display European mounts with our custom Governor’s Vintage Bronze Stand.  This is made from the original art used to accent a famous Texas Governor’s south Texas ranch staircase.  Produced just for us by the same 3 generation family of metal crafter’s that made the original staircase .  The ornate heavy solid bronze art is 5″ square and set on a heavy iron base that is finished in a black/brown paint to accent all domestic and exotic game.  Overall size of the base is 5″ square and 2″ deep.  These are each custom made so please allow time for a custom product.  



Our Governor’s Vintage Bronze stand is made for us by a 3rd generation family of San Antonio metal crafters from their orginal work that graced the staircase at a famous Texas Governor’s ranch in the 1960’s. The stand is handmade with the ornate heavy bronze medallion sitting on a iron stand finished in a brown-black finish to compliment all domestic and exotic game.

It will be made to fit the antlers which will slip of for shipping or moving.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in


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