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4R Ranch Quail Hunt 2/14/2011

4R Ranch Quail Hunt

On Monday, Rita and Skip enjoyed a joint Valentine’s gift with a fabulous quail hunt at the 4R Ranch in Hondo,Tx.   It was a wonderful shoot behind experienced bird dogs,  English Pointers (Ginger & Junior) and English Cockers (Clover & Dixie) working seamlessly together.

Our hosts Jill and Deryl McKinnerney later treated us to a sunset tour of the kennels and ranch with abundant Axis, Whitetail and Turkey along the Hondo Creek.  Attention to detail and service is top shelf for their bird hunts as well as deer hunters.

Rita and guide, Scott Porter rest with Junior between courses.


Rita and Skip enjoy their Valentine’s Day hunt at the 4R Ranch in Hondo, TX.