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Bring the Wild Inside – Christmas

Whether you share a home with a hunter or are one yourself, this is the perfect time of the year to bring the wild inside.  Gather up those items you already have and add a little rustic cabin decor.  The following recipes can be altered, but here are a few to start those creative juices flowing:

List of ingredients:

GREENERY- faux & fresh                                         PINE CONES-ACORNS

ANTLERS/SHEDS                                                       DECOYS



Grab candles and some of that faux greenery you save every year – it looks nice & full  when mixed in with fresh.  This year I found Tartan ribbon out of fleece 1/2 price way before Christmas- all of this, save the greens, can be used next year.

Tip: Christmas Tree lots usually give for the taking all the greens they remove from the base of the trees.


Bringing the wild inside.


Free greenery at the Christmas Tree lot, pine cones, feathers & sheds.

TIP: if you like what you did, take a photo and start special notebook for holiday decorating-much easier to recreate the next year.

How about Gramps’ Creel? Ribbon and acorn ornament added.Another creel with a shock of red poinsettia and an old net and reel to brighten a corner. A pot of fresh would be nice, just remember to add a plastic saucer.
Another creel with a shock of red poinsettia, an old net and reel. A pot of fresh poinsettia would be nice, just remember to add a plastic saucer.

I like to dress up a cabinet for Christmas with a fishing theme.  Garland and free greens at the top plus all our collected fishing ornaments and related decorations.  Lean an old bamboo rod nearby. Add some lights to the greenery for more drama.


A vintage creel & bait bucket, ice fishing decoys & old Salmon flies for ornaments.

Tip: Store all your items for a certain area in one marked box, so next year you can finish decorating one area completely before moving on.


Add a little tartan ribbon to a duck or goose decoy and place on a nest of greens on a table or under the tree.


And don’t forget to pay a tribute to your faithful  gun dogs past.  I keep the tags and tie on a red ribbon and add a hook for a special ornament collection on our tree.  (the kitty cats  get on the tree too with their collars & tags)


This is just the start – How do you bring the Wild Inside For Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Bring the Wild Inside – Christmas

  1. thanks to all my friends who recently emailed to say they enjoyed this post and my new business adventure. Merry Christmas.

  2. Great blog and great ideas. Love it!
    Merry Christmas to you as well. jr

  3. Love it Rita…. Lori B

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