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Five Women win Hunter Hills Journal!

posted by Barbara Baird Jan 2, 2012

“Congrats to Rebecca Friedrich, Teresa McCullough, Rita Schimpff, Nicole Nash and Diane Hassinger- winners each of a Hunter Hills leather journal.  Chosen by, these five women told us a little about their most memorable hunts in 2011.  We’re hoping they have equal or even greater successes in 2012.  And, we KNOW they are going to enjoy using their hand-made, beautiful and practical journals.”

I would have to say that my favorite and most memorable hunt for 2011 was the quail shoot in November that my husband and I took to follow through on a promise we made to each other a year ago.  We have been hunting/fishing together for many years and when the children left the nest we were going to spend more time outdoors with each other.  And the best of this years adventures was a road trip from Texas to Southern Mississippi to a beautiful quail plantation.  The elegant lodges were set among Longleaf and Loblolly pines and surrounded three gorgeous ponds with wild, but resident Mallards settling in.  Our every comfort was quietly and deliciously taken into account and no detail in rustic yet elegant decor was left out.  We had a morning and afternoon shoot over pointers and a setter for Bobwhite, Tennesee Reds and a pheasant or two.  Each morning as we rose early to try our fly rods on the ponds – we found our living room fire place crackling and the smell of fresh coffee already brewing.  Each dusk we again tried to out-fish one another as we had also tried to out-shoot the other in friendly competition with our .410’s.  To finish off our evening dinners with a stroll around the acreage & ponds under the moonlight only completed the picture.

It was extravagant and a splurge, but as we dine on our quail & pheasant at home by our own fireplace we tell ourselves that promises are worth keeping and I look forward to our hunts together in 2012 just as I have every year for 36 years.

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