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Troutfest 2011 Fly Fishing Expo

HGM attended the 2011 Troutfest Banquet and 2 day expo in New Braunfels, Tx .  The event was held on the banks of the Guadalupe River at Rio Raft Resort.  They had a phenomenal turnout and many fly fishing celebs showed up thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers under the supervision of Phil Dopson of the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited chapter.

"trout spots" handpainted margarita glasses painted by Rita Schimpff for the silent auction.
Celebrity guests, Dave & Emily Whitlock. Dave made each autograph special with a detailed drawing and personal note.
Celeb, Ed Engle provided river casting instruction as well as entertaining slide show presentations.
John Gierach's 'Ed' on the Guad.
The youngest celebrity, Tyler Befus brought an unprecidented amount of young people to troutfest.
Troutfest 2011 volunteer Gary Lehman, made it his mission to involve youth in the successful expo.


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