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Colorful Old Targets Come Alive Again

Colorful Old Targets Come Alive Again

Once favored as small bore paper shooting targets- these colorful old targets have come alive again as sporting art for the gentleman’s study.

Artist, Rita Schimpff discovered some of the original images Patented in 1897, at an antiques fair and thought they were so handsome she just had to have them.  Later she decided she did not want to seperate the originals that came together on large sheets, so she had them reproduced and she decoupages them to pine disks she stains and stripes in black for a “Biedermeier’ look.

The original old chromolithographs were produced by Forster-Hoppe of Zeitz, Germany and come in 6 images and 2 sizes- perfect to hang in groupings or stand in a table easel.  Visit to see all of these and her distinctive antler mounts.

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