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Hand Painted Quail Mount

hand painted quail on oak leaf taxidermy panel

Flying Quail on Hand Painted Oak Leaf Mount


Presenting the newest mount from Heritage Game Mounts: a hand painted Quail Mount.

This hand painted quail mount features a taxidermy BobWhite quail flying across a hand painted prairie.  San Antonio artist, Rita Schimpff captures a rising quail on her large panel she calls the Heritage Stag – designed to also be used for Elk and Stag it works with birds as well.

flying quail on hand painted oak leaf panel
flying quail on hand painted oak leaf panel

Do you want to remember that famous ‘quail double’ you shot on a beautiful crisp day?  Well, just add one more to the board.   The panel shows off the painting and quail by framing them with ornate oak leaves & acorns – Old World Style.

hand painted quail mount

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