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Victorian Taxidermy – Fit For a Queen

Victorian Taxidermy -Queen_Victoria, John Brown and 'Fyvie' ,_photographed_by_George_Washington_Wilson_(1863)

 Victorian Taxidermy becomes Fashionable Victorian Taxidermy came alive during the Victorian Era (1837-1901) when wealthy hunters, like Teddy Roosevelt, began to commission taxidermists such as Roland Ward to preserve their trophies for their fashionable libraries and sitting rooms. Trusty pets were honored in functional items of taxidermy to be placed among the sterling & cut […]

Review: DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

The Legacy DIY Hunting Trophy Panel “Old World Style Stole Our Attention” Is a DIY Hunting Trophy Project waiting for you?  Mia Anstine is a columnist for the Women’s Outdoor News, but shares her love of the outdoors as a guide, outfitter, hunter as well as an archery & firearms instructor.  She also writes for […]