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Bring the Wild Inside: The Safari Lifestyle

safari lifestyle vignette



Bring the Wild Inside: Safari Lifestyle


Since January is the time for all the huge Safari Expositions across the country I thought we would revisit a post I did for the Women’s Outdoor News on how to Bring the Wild Inside with Safari Lifestyle!  You can read my full post at the WON archives:

The following vignette I made from vintage family sporting memorabilia, books and letters, it was used by Safari Club International for convention advertising.

safari lifestyle vignette
vintage safari vignette by Rita Schimpff for Heritage Game Mounts



Rita Schimpff of Heritage Game Mounts next to 'Tusk' by John Banovich at convention
Rita Schimpff of Heritage Game Mounts next to ‘Tusk’ by John Banovich at convention




African Antler Display by Heritage Game Mounts
African Animals displayed with natural linen and an ornate panel of oak leaves & acorns – all by Heritage Game Mounts
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Hunting Lodges that Inspire

Stack stone fireplace at Trinchera Ranch - fabulous taxidermy

Hunting Lodges that Inspire

Lodges that inspire more than the Hunt

Be it Fin, Feather or Fur – I think the decor of a hunting lodge should be as inspiring as the hunt!

Stack stone fireplace at Trinchera Ranch - fabulous taxidermy
Stack stone fireplace at Trinchera Ranch – fabulous taxidermy in Colorado

We are over at the Women’s Outdoor News with a new post:

Antique sporting art inspires the colors for this handsome room at Mississippi's Longleaf Plantation
Antique sporting art inspires the colors for this handsome room at Mississippi’s Longleaf Plantation
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Review: DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

The Legacy DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

“Old World Style Stole Our Attention”

Is a DIY Hunting Trophy Project waiting for you?  Mia Anstine is a columnist for the Women’s Outdoor News, but shares her love of the outdoors as a guide, outfitter, hunter as well as an archery & firearms instructor.  She also writes for Beretta USA and North American Hunter.


Mia and her daughter Lea jumped at the chance to spend a little mother/daughter tome together.  For this DIY project they chose   to mount one of their beautiful sets of Mule Deer antlers in our decorative Legacy© panel with cover.


Read how it turned out and do one for yourself!

DIY Trophy Antler Panel
Mia Anstine with finished Legacy Trophy Antler Panel



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Roads Recently Traveled: Celebrities, Pheasants & Fly Fishing

Skip & Rita flanking special guest, Tim Borksi of Florida at the Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival 2012.

Most of our hunting dies down in late January, but I still had a few upland hunts left and the anticipation of the fishing season to come. We seemed to be on the road a lot in Jan, Feb and March traveling Texas. Along the way we met some fun outdoor celebs: Noted wildlife cook and author of GirlHunter, Georgia Pellegrini , then we attended the Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival in Houston and met the wildly interesting and talented fly tyer and artist, Tim Borski of Florida.  Then to Troutfest in New Braunfels, TX where we had our trade booth and were entertained by keynote guest, Pat Dorsey owner of the Blue Quill Angler of Evergreen, CO and then to Sportsman’s Finest in Austin to have some fun while learning bass fishing tips with Bob Clouser from Pennsylvania and inventor of the Clouser Minnow


Meeting Georgia at her book signing in Austin. Love the Red! Her book GirlHunter takes this classicly trained chef out into the wild to 'hunt' for her food.


Troutfest speaker, Pat Dorsey (center) has over 1400 fly bins at his Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO!


Georgia also introduced me to Key of A shotgun jewelry. Skip gave me my 28 ga bracelet for Valentine's Day!










Bob Clouser--Not only did I pick up some great tips on fishing bass in heavy cover, but he was nice enough to give me a signed cap for St. Patrick's Day! I had the pleasure of meeting him 2 yrs ago in Houston - charming man!












Also, at Troutfest I had my booth for Heritage Game Mounts and introduced my new “Trout Skins” pillows.  I handpaint fish and outdoor scenes on lambskin and then sew into pillows of rich trims, velvet & suedes. 

HGM's Booth at Troutfest - introducing 'Trout Skins'
Middle of February found us once again on a fabulous shoot at Gerry & Eldena Stearns’ Santa Anna Hunting Preserve.   Even with the cover down from the Texas ‘exceptional’ drought, the hunt was a success thanks to Gerry’s great dogs: American Field Brittanys, German Shorthairs and a sassy little French Brittany named Lucy.
I love dogs.......



The 3 Schimpff's and pheasant take - Thank you, Rico (my wonderful bro in law)!
Eldena does such a wonderful job with the birds: the care and breeding.  And as a special favor to me she skinned a couple of the beautiful  pheasants and told me how to tan them.  We will see how I do!
Blow drying the pheasant after washing in Dawn detergent!

                                      HAPPY TRAILS & STREAMS!