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Review: DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

The Legacy DIY Hunting Trophy Panel

“Old World Style Stole Our Attention”

Is a DIY Hunting Trophy Project waiting for you?  Mia Anstine is a columnist for the Women’s Outdoor News, but shares her love of the outdoors as a guide, outfitter, hunter as well as an archery & firearms instructor.  She also writes for Beretta USA and North American Hunter.


Mia and her daughter Lea jumped at the chance to spend a little mother/daughter tome together.  For this DIY project they chose   to mount one of their beautiful sets of Mule Deer antlers in our decorative Legacy© panel with cover.


Read how it turned out and do one for yourself!

DIY Trophy Antler Panel
Mia Anstine with finished Legacy Trophy Antler Panel