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Wild Turkey Home Decor

Wild Turkey Home Decor

Bringing the Wild Inside for Thanksgiving



These plates and platter are called Wild Turkeys made by Johnson Brothers England.  They belonged to my mother in law and the two little turkeys are actually vintage candy containers.

Wild Turkey Home Décor for Thanksgiving is made easy  with wild turkey feathers!

I have been asked by the Women’s Outdoor News to bring my blog to their readers each month.  This is my 3rd post and if you want to learn:

1. Ideas for diy table decorations & colors

2. How to dry and preserve you own harvested turkey tail

3.  Could the earliest Thanksgiving actually been in Virginia?

And a new product to share with you




These beautiful handcrafted lapel pins are new and not yet on the site.  In keeping with our tradition of all USA made goods, these wet winged flies are tied by a creative young man in Georgia – each is one of a kind.

So you better Strut on over to visit my post at:

And see for yourself!

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New Additions & Updates: New Panel for Elk & New angling/shooting Lodges

‘The Heritage Stag’ with antlers

It’s been awhile since I have sent a news update-

Plenty going on and a couple of new blog posts- and best of all- what you have been asking for-

A new panel for larger game like elk….so I will catch you up!

February and March found us in very drastic temperature changes.

Early February found us in the Yucatan catching our first Tarpon and Bonefish on a fly at the

wonderful Casa Blanca Lodge.


See our related blog post of this fantastic trip

Then March found us tromping after quail in unusual 26 degree snow & ice terrain at another wonderful lodge at

Upland Bird Country in Corsicanna, Tx



I finally found a shooting sweater that was good looking, warm and suited for ladies

so I did a guest gear review for Ultimate Upland Lodge magazine–new_169.html


And then….

My new design- a black forest style panel for elk and stag has arrived!


We introduced the new design at the Greater Houston Gun Club in a fundraising shoot benefitting


 Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Turns out—it makes a pretty fabulous mirror too!  Shown here in the Blackberry finish.


I think I need to paint one of my dog portraits on a panel too!

Can’t you see one of your canine companions on a panel?

We are in the process of updating our website so we can better showcase all our new

sporting art & accessories like:


Our collection of Texas made shooting pens- here is the 30 Cal Bolt Action writing pen.

The action opens and closes the pen!

Please come ‘like’ our page on Facebook so you don’t have to wait so long to learn what we are up to!

Rita Schimpff

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Hello to Spring! Linen, Antlers & Horns

Welcome Spring….and my love of linen, antlers & horns


Kudu lamp with linen shade, vintage Blesbok & Reedbok mounts on linen.

A South African still life I made from vintage horns I have re- purposed for new life in linen.

This Spring also brings two new finishes to the Heritage Game Mounts line:

BlackBerry Finish

BlackBerry is a beautiful black distressed finish with highlights of red & umber that compliment black horns.

Old World White Finish

Old World White is a white patina finish that looks terrific with naturally sun bleached antlers & as an elegant contrast to colored walls or stone.

The Old World White finish has an Alpine Ski Lodge feel
The BlackBerry finish compliments the black horns of the vintage 1980 Steinbok

Another new addition to our line is custom monograms to the Legacy

Black bold face on gray linen
Brown script on natural linen



The African Collection:

One of a kind vintage Reedbok
Vintage Blesbok on linen



The European Collection

Top: Roe Deer on Legacy Panel
Middle: Vintage Chamois
Bottom: German Shooting Targets


German shooting targets are made from my original chromolithographs pat’d in 1897

All of these are available on our products page

Questions? Give us a call 210.822.7224

Give us Call  210.822.7224

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BRING THE WILD INSIDE: Birds and Feathers


Birds are beautiful creatures.  Their meat and plumage has been enjoyed in a variety of ways over the years.   Gamebirds and their feathers offer limitless decor and entertaining opportunities; not only are they appetising on the dinner plate, but look just as pretty surrounding the plate, on the table, on the mantle, bookcase or wreath.  I wish to inspire you or your hunting partner to bring ALL the birds and feathers home from the field and into the house.  DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY!




I save all the feathers, wings, bird bands and tail feathers.  This year I am trying my hand at saving the whole pheasant for a hanging still life. Eldena Stearns at Santa Anna Hunting Preserve beautifully skinned 5 of my pheasants.  I brought them home and prepared them for drying.


This is the look I am hoping for when my pheasants are ready.


I like to make theme related vignettes like on my mantle below.  I have the perfect base for a bird theme, my Audubon print Mississippi Kites and my clock featuring huntress Diana with her gamebirds.  Then I just started adding from there with color, texture and feathers, eggs, skulls and even a nest that recently blew down in a storm.

Add a little of the absurd in your vignette  – the leaves, twigs and nest from outside with some sparkling crystal or shiny silver – worn leather books.

a nice contrast in texture & tone, yet keeping with the avian theme.
How about feathers instead of candles? Pop in a little Oasis to steady pheasant feathers, moss, acorns & leaves. A found Blue Jay feather for accent.


Bring your taxidermy to the table.


Blue & Brown, prints and pattern.
A shock of lime green with a nest and egg.
Add a pop of unexpected color like hot pink!


An inspiration for sure, add bird taxidermy to your bookcases……
…Over the bookcase or ….
..over a clock…
Add feathers to your favorite hat.


Would look nice on a ladies jacket too.
Feathers in fall wreaths


Gold leaf antlers, dried pheasant, pine cones, feathers, oak leaves and acorns.
…and arrangements – super feather, moss and mushrooms.


Vintage duck call hung over lamp finial and a great place to string those duck bands.


Easy & pretty on invitations & personal note cards.


Feathers, eggs, nests & bird taxidermy- be inspired – Save them and reuse them.




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