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Wild Turkey Home Decor

Wild Turkey Home Decor

Bringing the Wild Inside for Thanksgiving



These plates and platter are called Wild Turkeys made by Johnson Brothers England.  They belonged to my mother in law and the two little turkeys are actually vintage candy containers.

Wild Turkey Home Décor for Thanksgiving is made easy  with wild turkey feathers!

I have been asked by the Women’s Outdoor News to bring my blog to their readers each month.  This is my 3rd post and if you want to learn:

1. Ideas for diy table decorations & colors

2. How to dry and preserve you own harvested turkey tail

3.  Could the earliest Thanksgiving actually been in Virginia?

And a new product to share with you




These beautiful handcrafted lapel pins are new and not yet on the site.  In keeping with our tradition of all USA made goods, these wet winged flies are tied by a creative young man in Georgia – each is one of a kind.

So you better Strut on over to visit my post at:

And see for yourself!

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Sporting Lifestyle: Run for the Roses

The Sporting Lifestyle

It’s that time of year.   Horse racing and the cocktails to go with them!

The Sporting Lifestyle for me is not just hunting, shooting & angling.  But all things outdoors.

It ‘runs’ in the family.

Sporting Lifestyle
“Banner” painted May 1903 by Thomas M. Toher, of whom little is known.

Thomas M. Toher, American painter 1868-1929 was a horse portraitist .

Each year in April I pay homage to the Triple Crown of Racing: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness & the Belmont.

On my bar.

And wait for the 1st Saturday in May.

The Belmont began in 1867

The Preakness in 1873

The Kentucky Derby in 1875

Sporting Lifestyle

With a collection of family memorabilia and vintage barware to make the perfect Mint Julep.

sporting lifestyle
1953 Derby Glass with vintage Napier ‘water bucket’ jigger.

The right ingredients are a must.

I have done my homework and the BEST mint by far is a variety of spearmint called appropriately

‘Kentucky Colonel’.  Some mints can cause the drink to taste medicinal- almost menthol!

sporting lifestyle
‘Kentucky Colonel’ mint- the BEST!

As well as the drinking vessel.

A couple of fine julep cups: 1964 Kentucky Derby & a equestrian motif silver beaker.
A couple of fine julep cups: 1964 Kentucky Derby & a equestrian motif silver beaker.


I have my old favorite silver  julep cup and just discovered a beautiful new pewter cup at Ewin’s Dry Goods

( they have other VERY  handsome sporting lifestyle gifts as well)

Pewter cup from Erwin's Dry Goods.
Pewter cup from Ewin’s Dry Goods.




For more ideas of refreshing cocktails using mint, pop on over to my friend & designer Courtney Price Design and see her recent blog

Top 5 Spring/Summer Cocktails for Entertaining


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Traditional Antlers vs Artistic Antlers

I am a big fan of traditional antler mounts—I own them.  I am a big fan of artistic endeavors–I am an artist.  I am a big fan of vintage anything—after all, I am a little vintage myself!  Every now and then vintage gets a little too grungie-even for me and needs a little help……..But when is artistic taken too far?  Or not far enough?


Creative alternative mounts at Bergdorf Goodman - NY
Creative alternative mounts by Frederique Morrel at Bergdorf Goodman – NY

A friend sent me the above photo of artistic antlers from her trip to New York over Thanksgiving as well as the one below……. and thanks to Suzie at Urban Country Style she identified the beautiful deer damask paper from Barneby Gates


Needlepoint and feather lashed hibrid deer at Bergdorf
Needlepoint and feather lashed hibrid deer at Bergdorf


I like to work with new and vintage antlers and create a custom look – I have worked with fabric on my Black Forest style mounts for clients too- but just a little more traditional in my approach.



I have found that many hunters and designers are looking for an elegant way to display their trophies – I have worked with tartan……

Roe deer on tartan insert into the Heritage Game Mounts "Legacy Panel"
Roe deer on tartan insert into the Heritage Game Mounts “Legacy Panel”

and linen…………


   and monograms…………



   and nail heads…………


 Is there room for creativity in the traditional antler mounting world….what do you think?

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Hello to Spring! Linen, Antlers & Horns

Welcome Spring….and my love of linen, antlers & horns


Kudu lamp with linen shade, vintage Blesbok & Reedbok mounts on linen.

A South African still life I made from vintage horns I have re- purposed for new life in linen.

This Spring also brings two new finishes to the Heritage Game Mounts line:

BlackBerry Finish

BlackBerry is a beautiful black distressed finish with highlights of red & umber that compliment black horns.

Old World White Finish

Old World White is a white patina finish that looks terrific with naturally sun bleached antlers & as an elegant contrast to colored walls or stone.

The Old World White finish has an Alpine Ski Lodge feel
The BlackBerry finish compliments the black horns of the vintage 1980 Steinbok

Another new addition to our line is custom monograms to the Legacy

Black bold face on gray linen
Brown script on natural linen



The African Collection:

One of a kind vintage Reedbok
Vintage Blesbok on linen



The European Collection

Top: Roe Deer on Legacy Panel
Middle: Vintage Chamois
Bottom: German Shooting Targets


German shooting targets are made from my original chromolithographs pat’d in 1897

All of these are available on our products page

Questions? Give us a call 210.822.7224

Give us Call  210.822.7224