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Safari Lifestyle

Safari Lifestyle-vintage horns elegantly re-purposed by Heritage Game Mounts

Safari Lifestyle

The Safari Lifestyle – Vintage & Re-purposed with Linen

The Safari Lifestyle is alive and well at Heritage Game Mounts.  Elegant vintage horns are re-purposed with the purpose of entertaining linen and toile!

Safari Lifestyle- Reedbok mounted on Toile linen on Legacy Panel
Safari Lifestyle- Reedbok mounted on Toile linen on Heritage Game Mounts: Legacy Panel
Safari Lifestyle - vintage horns elegantly re-purposed by Heritage Game Mounts
Safari Lifestyle by Heritage Game Mounts – vintage horns re-purposed elegantly with linen

Available at Heritage Game Mounts

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Hand Painted Quail Mount

hand painted quail on oak leaf taxidermy panel

Flying Quail on Hand Painted Oak Leaf Mount


Presenting the newest mount from Heritage Game Mounts: a hand painted Quail Mount.

This hand painted quail mount features a taxidermy BobWhite quail flying across a hand painted prairie.  San Antonio artist, Rita Schimpff captures a rising quail on her large panel she calls the Heritage Stag – designed to also be used for Elk and Stag it works with birds as well.

flying quail on hand painted oak leaf panel
flying quail on hand painted oak leaf panel

Do you want to remember that famous ‘quail double’ you shot on a beautiful crisp day?  Well, just add one more to the board.   The panel shows off the painting and quail by framing them with ornate oak leaves & acorns – Old World Style.

hand painted quail mount

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Safari Lifestyle in Art

Rita Schimpff with "Tusk" by John Banovich

Safari Lifestyle in Art

Women’s Outdoor News: Bringing The Wild Inside by Rita Schimpff

Rita Schimpff with "Tusk" by John Banovich
Rita Schimpff with “Tusk” by John Banovich

We are discovering Safari Lifestyle in Art & Display over at the Women’s Outdoor News – from paintings to taxidermy.  Is your safari style traditional or eclectic?


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Spring News

Spring News from Heritage Game Mounts

Spring here at Heritage Game Mounts means  we welcome  the  Sporting Lifestyle with Vintage Fishing Creels, a little Cabin Fever cooled off with some bass bugging and here in San Antonio -Fiesta!

vintage creel

I added some ferns, turtle grass and hydrangeas to one of the vintage creels I recently found to welcome Spring on our front door.  Scroll to the end for one I made for sale!




As you know, I write a monthly column for the Women’s Outdoor News, and my latest is how to add a little painted & rustic charm to your ‘cabin’.





Here I painted some native fish on the old doors of our old cabin established in 1926.


To see more photos of our cabin and one of the old ‘great camps’ in the Adirondacks read here:





In January we traveled to West Point, Mississippi to quail hunt on some of the remaining Mississippi Black Prairie that is being lovingly restored and preserved by the Bryan Family at Prairie Wildlife – a luxurious sporting lodge for all seasons.




Tiger Bass are known to roam in the beautiful lake in front of Bryan Lodge at Prairie Wildlife.




The new shooting tower at Prairie Wildlife is placed in a special spot on the resort – Kathy’s Hill.




While working on Easter decorations passed down in the family…


lapel (2)


I am also trying to coordinate which fly lapel pin my hubs should wear for Easter lunch – each one is so unique and he always ‘wears’ them well.


Here in South Texas/San Antonio the end of April brings forth our Fiesta celebrations honoring the fallen heroes of the Alamo and Texas Independence.




So for those of you that might be rubbing elbows with Fiesta Royalty and have a black tie event or two on your calendar – why not dress up your tuxedo and show off your sporting flair with these handsome bullet & shotgun studs?




They range from 30-06, .410 & 28 gauge to a Norma Rigby 416 thrown in the mix.





Since my last update, I was interviewd by Kevin Paulsen’s Hunting Life:




Thanks for reading this and if you want to add a little spring to your cabin – I have made this one only Fly Fishing Creel for your front door! $75.00 +tax & shipping. It is not on the website so first one to email or call gets it.




Now go make time for some bass bugging and enjoy your Spring.




And Happy Easter!